The "Program Language and Academic Preparation Program (LAPP)" is conducted as one of the supporting programs prepared for Scholarship Recipients who have passed the Indonesia Bangkit Program Gelar Selection for Doctoral Level Studies Abroad and still require strengthening and enrichment in two competency areas, namely foreign language proficiency and soft skills. 

These competencies are generally needed both when seeking Unconditional Letters of Admission (LoA) and during their studies at the target universities. The enhancement of these competencies includes: 

(1) proficiency in English or other foreign languages to be used as the instructional language for learning at the destination campus, and 

(2) soft skills such as proposal writing, curriculum vitae preparation, academic paper writing, research methods introduction, and academic cultural awareness. This program is expected to help accelerate prospective Ph.D. scholarship recipients in adapting, starting, and succeeding in their studies at the target universities.